The Happel Crew

The Happel Crew
July 2012: Front row Carter and Cade. Middle row Addy and Reegan. Back row Me, Kyler, Quincy, Cael, Jaycie, Dean and Mackenzie

Psalm 127:3-5

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.

Psalm 127:3-5
Dean and Dawn proud parents of these blessings:

Mackenzie Jo 19, Carter Dean 15, Reegan Marie 12, Cael Charles 11, Quincy Everett 9, Addelynn Ruth 7, Cade Joseph 5, Kyler Erwin 4, and Jaycie LeeAnn 2

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I just had the most hillarious.....

workout. I thought I would add some toning for tonight, and since this is a practice night it is me and the three silly gooses (that is for you Skeeter) here at home. I set it up for a quick workout. Anyway, these three little ones gather around me and get their own workout supplies joining right along. It was cute and made me laugh, I did have to ask them to give me a little space as I was afraid I might be clubbing one of them in the head with a weight. I do treasure my workout time alone, but if I am adding something in, or in the case of this week at times, just getting to something when they are up I like it when they join in or try to join in. I think it provides a good example to them.

Mackenzie has been most busy with mock trail and speech. Two enrichment classes she is taking through the Marion Home School Assistance Program. She is learning a lot and tells me that the Becker trial currently in the daily news is a lot like the trial that they doing. As far as an insanity defense being used. She did a speech on her dad last week and scored a 98, almost another 100. Public speaking in her future? Law? She does not know, she is still trying to figure it all out. I say to her, no hurry.

Carter, Cael, Quincy, and Reegan are still going strong on the wrestling mat, but it is rapidly coming to an end. At lease the folkstyle season. Cael and Quincy have two more meets including the Super Pee Wee state tournament in Waterloo. Carter has three more tourneys, including districts and state for AAU. He just reminded me that he won his 15th state title over the weekend. Not too shabby I say!!! Reegan will participate in the girls state tourney in March as well.

Addy, Cade and Kyler are staying busy, busy ,busy playing and enjoying life. They are really funny and even a silly goose at times!! Addy is quite the mother hen

Oh, I may have forgotten to acknowledge the birthday of my oldest son Carter. He turned 13 on Sunday. 13!?!?!? WOW!! I enjoy my time with him, although I find him being more and more quiet at times. He is growing into a fine young man and is a hard worker. The hindu & dive bomb push-ups, regular push ups, and kettle bells workouts are really starting to show on him, and at his age he is really liking the new look!

I will be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and everything is going about as perfect as can be. I have no complaints and no real aches and pains. The cramps I had a few weeks ago are gone, and I did have this crazy ouchie pain in my lower back for about two weeks but a visit to the chiro and an adjustment to my pelvis and GONE!! I really want another peek at this baby, so I asked today, but since all is good, then no go. I tried telling her I thought my hips were too big but she laughed!!

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